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When sitting in an airport tandem sling chair, one wouldn't know that the design is attributed to a husband and wife, Charles and Ray Eames. It's easy to take for granted since most people's concerns in an airport is to make their flight on time and safely to their destination. While sitting on airport furniture today, it is easy to forget the thought that went into first conceptualizing and bringing to reality the modern tandem seating that is commonplace today in airports as well as other public seating waiting areas.

Before tandem sling seating was invented (who can remember that right?), seating was randomly set in airports and waiting areas. This as you can imagine left most of these places looking randomly organized and caused for inconveniences such as improper placement, which lead to things just not feeling "organic". This all changed when the Eames put their focus on airport seating. Their innovation in molding plywood with compound curves was first recognized by the U.S. military, who then commissioned them to help with things like splints, stretchers and even airplane parts! We're guessing involvement with planes made it an easy transition to design airport seating. Watch this quick introduction to their impact on the design world.

Benefits Of Tandem Seating

Tandem Sling Seating

So earlier, we addressed the randomness of how seats were placed in public areas. With the introduction of the tandem sling, one can easily see the influence of the molded plywood chair come into play. The T-beam construction allowed for multiple seats to be placed together. High quality T-beams can hold as many as seven seats without any issues. Recent improvements and materials have increased this number so inquire about this if necessary.

The T-beam seats, which can also be place back to back, maximized space while accommodating a large amount of people. The design easily fit well into a room without overwhelming the rest of the look. This configuration is where it got it's name, tandem seating, since one can sit behind one another without any intrusion of space.

With multiple configurations available based on this design, it is quite easy to fit any facility requirements. With padding that can also be adjusted to suit demand, the inherent spacious design easily allows for a busy traveler to feel comfortable while also having room to store a carry-on underneath with no problem.

While the official Eames tandem sling seating is sold by another manufacturer, we build our airport chairs to adhere to the strict design principles they set out when they first introduced this breakthrough design to the world in 1962. Visit our website to see currently available tandem seats for sale. To further learn how we can supply your seating needs at affordable pricing, contact us today.

Airport Tandem Seats

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