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Beam seating, if you didn't know, differs from individual seat designs because they are built usually in a grouping of more than 2 or 3 seats, with the normal being around more than 5. The name comes from the fact that the chair is installed on a fixed beam. Public benches are similar looking at first glance however the beam underneath is how you distinguish the difference. Commercial beam seats require more reinforcement because of the constant use, so it's common that the designs would include more than one beam in the construction.

Bench Beam Seating

Tandem Bench Beam Seating

Bench beam seating is very efficient so thus their popularity in public spaces that need to maximize the amount of space being used. It's very common to see these types of seats in airport waiting areas, bus or train terminals, doctors offices, or any place where there is a common waiting section.

Since the design for each chair placed on the beam is identical to one another, the efficiency in which they can be installed on the beam as well as the cost benefits make beam seats the first choice of most institutions. Manufacturing one full mold compared to having to do it for each individual unit adds up when considering large areas that require seating systems like airports.

Public beam chairs need sturdy frames so the material is most likely to be steel which should be reinforced by some form of powder coating to protect the steel from the elements and eventual rust. The fabrics on these commercial benches will be made of stain resistant fabrics. For some facilities, plastic or some other hard material may be used instead of something with cushions. This is something that needs to be determined by the frequency of traffic and the associated costs of cleaning these public benches.

As in something like an airport chair, the overall structure of the bench will be sturdy, with strategic placement of soft areas which are protected with a durable material which can withstand harsh chemical cleaning yet still remain useful for many years. A huge complaint is the cleanliness of a public beam seat so do not discard this fact so easily when making a decision to purchase from your chosen manufacturer.

When talking to your beam seating manufacturer, inquire about all the options available to you. While the suppliers catalog may already contain the perfect seating style that you desire, the fact that you'll most likely be purchasing a large quantity entitles you to customization you may not have been aware of. Mixing the fabrics or requesting other types of materials for the beam. For those who need something such as a table in between or at the ends of the seats, this is certainly possible. Other options are available so discussing your requirements in detail with a trusted supplier of beam seats.

As you can see, there is much thought needed to select the best type of bench seat for your facility. With improvements constantly being innovated by the top companies in the industry, it makes sense to talk to professionals to get the best quality chairs within a reasonable budget you can afford. Contact us today for more information.