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Training Chair SJ3081M/SJ3082M/SJ3083M

OSHUJIAN has AEO advanced certification which bring customs clearance convenience.

1. The average inspection rate of customs clearance will be reduced by about 70%;

2. The customs clearance speed will be increased by more than 50%;

3. Effectively reduce trade costs such as port, insurance, logistics, etc.

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Products Description

Training Chair -SJ3081M/SJ3082M/SJ3083M

Training Chair SJ3081M/SJ3082M/SJ3083M(图1)

Standard configuration description :

① Leg:High quality rolled stell.

② Back:Made of cold-rolled plate punched,surface undergoes electrostatic powder coating.

③ Writing table: Fireproof board on the surface of density board.

④ Book net:High quality cold drawn steel.

⑤ Recovery:Buffer restoring mechanism,silent and slow spring-back.

⑥ Screw: Expansion nut + screw.

Training Chair SJ3081M/SJ3082M/SJ3083M(图2)

Size reference:  

Training Chair SJ3081M/SJ3082M/SJ3083M(图3)

Back height: 870MM;                                       Seat length: 565MM;

Seat height: 440MM;                                        Foot length: 234MM;

Front row height: 780MM;                                Writing board height: 750MM;

The writing board width: 300MM;                     The foot length of the front row station: 200MM.

Training Chair SJ3081M/SJ3082M/SJ3083M(图1)

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