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Material description of aluminum alloy airport seating

Author: OSHUJIAN PUBLIC SEAT | Time: 2019-07-17 10:27

Aluminum alloy is one of the metal materials widely used in industry in recent years, such as aviation, aerospace, and automobiles. Among them, aluminum alloy is also used for metal waiting chair .
 airport seating
Such as aluminum alloy airport chair SJ9061
Armrest & leg & bracket and outer beam: All components are moulded in high performance,advanced 
engineering composite, Nylon and it will not show up wear and deep scratches like powder
coated steel oraluminium components
Seat and back:high density Polyurethane(PU) with metal frame retardant moulded PU foam.
Metal frame standard: metal tube Q235, 16mm diameter, 2.0mm thickness

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