Service Content

1. Free quality inspection for five years

The company will provide customers with free quality warranty within 5 years from the date of acceptance of goods. During the warranty period, the company shall implement the Three Guarantees service according to the national standards.

2. Maintenance

Establish and improve the customer database. We send professionals to visit and maintain products every three months. We carry out major maintenance and overhaul at the end of each year to ensure normal use in the coming year. We are ready to provide customers with professional furniture maintenance and technical consultation, and supply all corresponding spare parts for a long time.

3. Maintenance Service Charge Standard

Warranty period: If it is a problem of our company, there is no charge for maintenance and replacement. In case of improper use by users, improper safekeeping and other non-our reasons, our company will provide it free of charge at its discretion. In case of serious damage, our company will charge the material cost.

Outside the warranty period: our company provides warm service as always. The time of arrival at the maintenance site is unchanged, and the quality is unchanged. We only charge the lowest material cost.

4. Emergency Maintenance

During the warranty period, we will respond within 30 minutes after receiving the customer's fault notification. We promise to send people to the site for maintenance service within 4-8 hours. In case of other non-use function failures that cannot be solved in a short time, our company will issue a written report. If the repair fails for more than two days, our company will provide similar products to replace it.