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The difference between hot rolled steel sheet and cold rolled steel sheet

Author: OSHUJIAN PUBLIC SEAT | Time: 2020-06-28 14:22

1. The surface of the cold-rolled sheet has high gloss and is relatively smooth, similar to the very common steel drinking cup used for drinking water. In the process of making waiting chairs, cold-rolled steel requires high rolling mill power and low rolling efficiency, and intermediate annealing in order to eliminate work hardening, so the cost is also high, but the cold-rolled steel has a bright surface and good quality, which can be used directly Processing finished products, so cold-rolled steel plates in waiting chairs are widely used.
2. If the hot-rolled plate is not pickled, it is similar to the surface of many common steel plates on the market. The surface with rust is red, and the surface with no rust is purple-black (iron scale). The impact on the use of the waiting chair is that the steel is oxidized under the condition of hot rolling, and the surface of the product is dark gray.
In the process of making steel waiting chairs, there is no shortage of using cold-rolled steel plates. Its advantages are:
1. The precision is higher, and the thickness difference of the cold-rolled strip does not exceed 0.01~0.03mm.
2. The size is thinner, the thinnest cold-rolled steel strip can be rolled 0.001mm; hot-rolled now the thinnest can reach 0.78mm.
3. The quality is more superior, the cold-rolled steel plate can even produce a mirror surface; the surface of the hot-rolled plate has defects such as iron scale and pits.
4. Cold-rolled sheet can adjust the tensile strength and process performance such as stamping performance.