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The status quo and problem analysis of hospital public chairs

Author: OSHUJIAN PUBLIC SEAT | Time: 2020-12-22 09:30

1. The armrest of the seat is uncomfortable and it is inconvenient to put the hand in the position for infusion. The long time will lead to numbness of the hand or too high of the hand to cause blood return.
Solution: Renovate the armrest, which can be designed into a groove shape to facilitate hand placement
2. Lack of recreation during the infusion, and it is inconvenient to move with only one hand
Solution: Hide and extend the small table display board in the chair, which is convenient for patients to place items
3. The chair lacks footrest and has no comfort
Solution: Renovate the shelf, you can use the slope design to reduce the occupied space and increase the comfort
4. There is a problem of unreasonable half-back design of the child infusion seat
Solution: Design a customized infusion seat for children, which is more user-friendly

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