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Teach you how to maintain metal row chairs

Author: OSHUJIAN PUBLIC SEAT | Time: 2021-01-16 16:59

In real life, we can see many metal row chairs, but once these rows of chairs are contaminated with dirty things, how can they be more effectively maintained and their service life extended? Today, I will give you how to prevent it.
1. Daily maintenance: The surface of metal parts should be kept clean and dry. Avoiding collisions and scratches by hard objects is the way to extend their life.
2. Regular maintenance: Generally, it can be maintained once every quarter. Often use a clean soft substance, such as paper or cloth, to wipe it clean, and then wipe it with a cleaning protectant. If you do it according to this method, the metal row chair will remain bright and intact for a long time.
3. Derusting method: The row chairs are generous and bright, but they often get rusted locally due to improper wiping or other reasons. Here is a simple way to remove rust. Take one or two of paraffin wax (the remaining candle torch can be used too), chop it into a bottle, and add six or seven times the amount of kerosene or gasoline. Place the bottle in a container filled with hot water, heat the other bottle until the paraffin is completely melted, and wipe it off.

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