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Auditorium Seating SJ6706A

Minimum Order Quantity : 50 Sets
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Products Description

Auditorium Seating SJ6706A

Sponge: Cold foaming high resilience Pu sponge with integrated foam molding.

Seat & back shell: High quality PP forming by mould, the appearance of the seat is simple and beautiful.

Fabric: High quality linen fabric, the back cushion is positioned with pull wire and padded with mercerized cotton, which is antistatic and mothproof.

Leg: High quality carbon cold rolled steel, corrosion resistance and rust free.

Armrest cover: Imported log and finished by polishing and sealing paint.

Recovery mechanism: Damping recovery mechanism,all load-bearing design is on the seat support frame, no need for the seat back rubber shell to bear the gravity, avoiding the disadvantages of easily damaging the rubber shell.

Writing tablet: Adopt built-in writing board design mechanism.

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