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Auditorium Chair SJ6605

Highly adaptable,durable and easy to maintain auditorium chairs which are amazingly affordable to optimize value.

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Minimum Order Quantity : 50 Sets
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Products Description

Auditorium Chair SJ6605


① Armrest cover: Imported timber externally applied with polyester coating.

②&③ Back &seat sponge: High-density PU, molded by cold foaming, no distortion for a long time.

④ Side pad fabric: stain and discoloration resistant premium fabric with three proofings.

⑤ Back & seat cover: Injection molded with multiple composite material (pp), antiimpact, anti-aging.

Cushion recovery: Spring or gravity returning mechanism.

⑥ Leg: Made from top quality steel after precise pressing and welding, and gone through procedures of polishing anti-rusting, phosphing, spraying and powder coating with pp side pads by injection molding in one time.

Screw: Steel hexagon socket cap screws and expanding nut.

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Auditorium chair

Auditorium chair

Auditorium chair

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