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Can you add more color to the hospital row chair design?

2020-12-05 14:33:38
Color exists in all aspects of our lives, and it is also a very expressive factor in the design of hospital space design and medical furniture such as row chairs. How to make the color matching of the hospital environment look more harmonious, beautiful and give people a warm feeling? Eliminate patients' fear of the hospital? It has received more and more attention from furniture designers and hospital administrators.
The color design of furniture such as row chairs can beautify the space, break the traditional single-mode environment, improve the work efficiency of medical staff, and reduce people’s visual fatigue. The color adjustment function can be used to make the hospital environment more humane and effective. Relieve the nervousness of patients during medical treatment. In addition, the theme color is also the main body of the color system, which is the basis for the success of interior design. Therefore, the design and operation of the color band area should be strict, and the choice of this color should meet the special requirements of patients, medical staff and hospital space.
The color design of hospital row chairs has the effect of embellishing and enriching the space of the hospital. This is not only reflected in the matching of different colors, but also in the matching of different materials between the same color. As long as the law is grasped, furniture design can use limited colors and materials freely in the design.

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