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How to install and disassemble the office chairs?

2023-08-10 09:00:43
Author: airport chair

The continuous development of science and technology makes most people have to sit and study or work for a long time every day. Office chairs often appear in work and study scenes. After a long time, the chairs we use will inevitably have problems or when we need to move for disassembly. Friends who have experienced the disassembly of office chairs may have a deep understanding. It may be more troublesome to install and disassemble. Let me introduce to you the basic knowledge of installation and disassembly of office chairs.


How to install the office chair?


In order to assemble and disassemble the office chair, we must first understand which parts the chair is composed of. At present, the office chairs used by most people are composed of chair feet, casters, chassis, seat, air rod, chair back, armrest, head At first glance, it seems a bit much, but the actual assembly and disassembly are not difficult as long as we master the steps.


After understanding the various parts of the office chair, we can start assembling. The installation method suggests that we install it from the bottom up, starting with the casters.


1. First install the casters one by one on the chair feet, and after installing the chair feet, put the air pressure rod vertically into the center of the chair feet;


2. Fix the chassis to the seat with screws;


3. After the seat is installed, we link the back of the chair with the seat, so that the upper body of the chair is basically finished, and then we insert the base vertically on the air pressure rod;


4. Finally, we will finish installing the armrest and headrest.


office chairs

How to disassemble the office chair?


For other parts of the office chair, loosen the screws in the order of installation. The two parts that are more difficult to disassemble are the split of the seat and the air rod, and the other is the split of the air rod and the chair foot.


To disassemble the base, we first separate the back of the chair, then raise the air pressure rod to the highest level, hold the seat cushion with one hand, press the lifting paddle with the other hand, and turn it up and down a few times to remove it.


Disassemble the air pressure, eat the base and write it down. We can remove the air pressure rod. We turn the chair legs upside down. It is best to smash them out with a rubber hammer. If there is no rubber hammer, you can use a wooden board to cushion it.


The above is the installation and disassembly method of the office chair, I hope it can help everyone.