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What concepts are closely related to the design development trend of public seats?

2024-04-13 09:07:15
Author: airport chair

Public seating is one of the infrastructure of urban public spaces and an important part of urban environmental design. Its quality also affects the image of urban public spaces. Nowadays, the design of public seats has also received widespread attention, and its design has also shown some new development trends.


(1) Artistic trend. Western developed countries attach great importance to the construction of urban public art because it directly affects the image of a city or even a country. In some European cities, for real estate open projects, the government will force developers to allocate a certain proportion of funds for the construction of public art. Public seats are an important part of urban public facilities, and artistic public seats are an important part of a city's public art. Whether public seats are artistic or not has become one of the basic criteria for evaluating a city's cultural image. Artistic public seats bring literary and artistic temperament to the development of the city, establish the humanistic spirit of urban public spaces, and create a comfortable and pleasant environment. Therefore, art will inevitably become one of the inevitable trends in public seating design.


(2) Ecological trend. Ecological design considers environmental factors in the entire design process, so that the life cycle of the design product reduces the impact on the environment, and finally forms a sustainable production and consumption system. The ecological design of public seats refers to integrating the ecological design concept into every aspect of designing public seats. Promoting ecological design concepts has practical significance for the design of public seats.

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On the one hand, ecological design can improve economic benefits. In the long run, ecological design uses materials and energy reasonably and effectively, saving economic costs in various aspects such as R&D, design, production, construction, and post-service services. It also reduces the risk of environmental pollution and safety accidents. Therefore, in contemporary times, whether a product has ecological elements is one of the most competitive factors in the market.


On the other hand, ecological design can reduce environmental pollution and save non-renewable resources. Ecological design considers the impact of product design, production, and use on the environment at the beginning of the design, thereby reducing adverse effects at the source and making it more environmentally friendly. Nowadays, the concept of ecological design has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it will become an inevitable trend to use the concept of ecological design to design public seats.


With the construction of urban public spaces, urban public facilities will also become increasingly perfect, and the design of public seats will also develop in an artistic, humane and ecological direction. By analyzing the new development trends of public seats, it is helpful to improve the design of public seats, thereby creating a more high-quality urban public space.