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Common problems with public seating and how to solve them.

2024-05-04 08:52:43
Author: airport chair

As we all know, common public seats are roughly divided into several categories: airport waiting chairs, station waiting chairs, hospital waiting chairs, bank waiting chairs, park benches, etc. Because they are all public seats of the same nature, they will cause some problems for people. How to solve these problems?


1. It occupies a large area and is difficult to install and transport;


Answer: Most of the storage locations for public seats are: waiting positions in airports, stations, banks, and hospitals. The space is very large. Through the design of the seat arrangement and the needs of the site, there will be no obstruction to the passage. Yes, according to the current logistics and transportation conditions, it is very convenient compared to the early days. And the installation is very simple, just install it according to the drawings.


2. Unsightly and inconsistent with the surrounding environment;


Answer: This situation generally does not occur, because each project and project is selected after multiple reviews, bidding, and urban planning and design.


3. The long seats make it awkward for two strangers to sit too close to each other, and waste the chair space if they sit too far apart;


Answer: Generally, the demand for public seats is for three people. Bench seats for more than six people are rarely used, and they are always placed in public areas where people come and go, so there will be no embarrassing situations.


public seats

4. The leisure seats in public spaces are exposed to the outside and do not have the functions of dustproof, sunproof and rainproof;


Answer: It is difficult to protect public seats in parks from sun, rain, and dust. As long as they are anti-corrosion, anti-explosion, and have a long service life, they are good.


5. The design of public seats cannot better meet people’s needs:


Answer: Public seats only exist in public places with a large flow of people. For example, during the peak flow of people at a station, there are tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people a day. Therefore, the design of public seats can only meet the needs of most people, but cannot meet the needs of everyone.


6. Public seats are not very durable:


Answer: The reason why the durability is not strong is that the manufacturer chooses inferior materials. Strong manufacturers will choose high-quality materials, and different processing methods will affect the durability.