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PU Airport Waiting Bench SJ9077 Series

High-quality PU public seats which provide comfort in airports, stations,banks and other public spaces. Welcome to inquiry now.

OSHUJIAN has AEO advanced certification which bring customs clearance convenience.

1. The average inspection rate of customs clearance will be reduced by about 70%;

2. The customs clearance speed will be increased by more than 50%;

3. Effectively reduce trade costs such as port, insurance, logistics, etc.

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Products Description

PU Airport Waiting Bench SJ9077 Series

PU Airport Waiting Bench

Optional Armrest / Leg 1 : With cold-roll steel, metal paint, sprayed static powder after polishing and antirust treatment.

Optional Armrest / Leg 2 : Die-casting aluminium alloy with polish treatment and sprayed with static powder.

Seat / Back : High density Polyurethane(PU) with metal frame inside.

Beam : Use high-quality triangular steel tube, sprayed with air-conditioning outdoor paint powder, strong safety performance.

3-seater Size : 1780*620*820mm

PU Airport Waiting Bench

PU Airport Waiting Bench

PU Airport Waiting BenchPU Airport Waiting BenchPU Airport Waiting Bench

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