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Waiting Seat Manufacturer - Avanti

Avanti seating is designed by Italy designer .  The overall outline of the seat is made of strong and elegant tangent lines, which are warm and graceful. Each curve is carefully adjusted according to the curve of the human body, which fits every sense of the human body and makes it comfortable to sit.

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OSHUJIAN has AEO advanced certification which bring customs clearance convenience.

1. The average inspection rate of customs clearance will be reduced by about 70%;

2. The customs clearance speed will be increased by more than 50%;

3. Effectively reduce trade costs such as port, insurance, logistics, etc.

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Products Description

Waiting Seat Manufacturer - Avanti


Product model : Avanti

Material description :

Armrest / Leg / Bracket : advanced engineering composite materials, nylon and glass fiber by injection molding.

Seat / back : high density polyurethane (PU) built-in steel frame, molding.

Beam : aluminum alloy material, large investment casting mold, direct polishing after die casting, electrostatic powder spraying treatment.

Feature of product

Avanti: carefully adjusted according to the curve of the human body

100000+ times of compression test

Free 3D graphics

Canadian designer design

High-density polyurethane built-in steel frame

Patented product

Charging socket

Support customization

Controllable standard

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