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AVANTI waiting chair: unique ingenuity and warmth, shaping new aesthetics in public application scenarios

Author: OSHUJIAN PUBLIC SEAT | Time: 2021-05-20 15:18

The new AVANTI waiting chair series of 2021 AVANTI uses advanced materials and interprets with innovative curves. It challenges the traditional design to change the rules and explore unknown areas. Finally, the AVANTI waiting chair was presented to people's eyes, creating a new aesthetic concept for public application scenarios.
The design of the AVANTI waiting chair is inspired by the essence of the Ferrari supercar’s exterior and interior. Its curves and lines are smooth and the details are exquisite and beautiful. This series boldly interprets its design concept and brings the design language of the automotive world. Into a new luxury concept.
Appreciation of details: originality
01. The seat back panel uses the same 3D three-dimensional leather texture as the supercar interior, with three-dimensional pits on the surface, strong visual perception and touch, and has good wear resistance, resistance to scratches, scratches, rubs, and impacts. Make sure that each AVANTI waiting chair is not only beautiful in appearance, but also durable and not hot when sitting for a long time. At the same time, it creates space and a feeling of relaxation for the waist. The thickness of the backrest also enhances comfort.
02. The armrest of the seat is an exquisite sports car door shape with a high degree of recognition. The combination of nylon and glass fiber materials makes it look full of light and luxurious texture, and it is simple and stylish with embellishment.
03. The seat beams are made of high-quality aluminum alloy pipes with high tensile strength and iconic buckle structure design. Compared with the general rectangular steel tube load-bearing beam structure, the fixed surface is increased, and the load-bearing performance is high and the stability is good. .
04. Fully consider the functionality and practicability of the AVANTI waiting chair to meet the harmonious coordination between space and seat. The bottom side of the beam can be added with movable devices, which is more convenient to install charging devices and hidden lines, and the utilization rate is high. , Low maintenance cost and good user experience.

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