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Oshujian Seat | Release the beautiful temperature of the seat

Author: osj168 | Time: 2021-05-29 15:25

The rainy season is here
In the south, this climate has been condensed into a cloud of white mist
Therefore, we need more beautiful temperature
Aoshujian seat----PU seat
These temperatures may come from the dreams I love in my heart
Maybe from the ideas brought by life
It needs to always be there
So that we can look at it from time to time
Stand on tiptoe and want to approach it
oshujian seat-leather cushion seat
Those wonderful fantasy
Like white light in the dark
Support us through the dark and cold life lost
Guard our way forward
oshujian seat-cinema seat
Release the warmth of the world
I hope to be the low-hanging star in people's hearts
Release a reddish glow that warms people's hearts
oshujian seat-stainless steel seat
With the texture of Chunshun
Interpret the temperature of beauty
In this rainy season
Bring the warmth in people's hearts


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