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Daily Tips: How to maintain the rows of chairs in the school ladder room

Author: OSHUJIAN PUBLIC SEAT | Time: 2021-06-08 15:10

There are some methods and points to pay attention to for the cleaning and maintenance of the benches in the staircase room:
1. The benches in the ladder room should be placed in a ventilated, relatively dry place, not close to fire sources or damp walls, and avoid sun exposure.
2. Part of the wooden materials for the benches in the ladder room should be wiped with a soft cloth that has been wrung out without dripping water to avoid decay of the wood due to excessive humidity. If water-containing substances are spilled on the ground, it should be wiped dry immediately with a dry cloth. Do not scrub with alkaline water, soapy water, or washing powder solution to avoid chemical reactions that may cause corrosion and parts falling off.
3. Avoid frequent contact with water on the steel part of the seat in the staircase room. Wipe it with a damp cloth and then wipe it again with a dry cloth to prevent internal rust.
4. When moving the benches in the ladder room, lift them off the ground, do not push or pull hard, so as to avoid loosening or damage to the table legs and chair legs, and to reduce the damage to the ground.
5. Avoid placing acid and alkali corrosive substances on the benches in the ladder room.
6. Avoid throwing and smashing the benches in the ladder room, causing loose parts or protruding parts, or even deformation.
7. The school should conduct a comprehensive inspection and replacement of the row chairs in the ladder room regularly, and the time should be controlled at 3-6 months.
Four methods for removing stains on desks and desks:
1. Correction fluid
Correction fluid is indispensable for students. Many students put correction fluid on the desktop, so how to clean it up? After diluting with toothpaste, wipe it with a rag to get rid of it.
2. Traces of oily pens such as ballpoint pens
The marks of the ballpoint pen can be completely removed by wiping with vinegar.
3. Double-sided adhesive, transparent adhesive
Some students may stick their grades, goals, etc. on the desktop with transparent glue, which will leave sticky glue after tearing off. You can remove the paper on the surface with water first, and the remaining glue can be wiped off with Fengyoujing, the effect is obvious.
4. Pencil print
Some stubborn pencil stains will remain on the desktop that has been used for a long time. You can wipe it with an eraser first. If it can't be wiped off, place it on the desktop with a hot towel and let it sit for a while, and then wipe it back and forth.


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