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How to make a waiting seat with attitude?

Author: osj168 | Time: 2021-07-12 10:14

A chair with taste and attitude can bring infinite comfort and color to the public space. Expanding from public space to multiple uses such as home, business, display, etc., the chair does not disappoint. It has a good performance in all kinds of spaces. Especially in recent years, it has been matched with the theme of nature, color and other styles, and it has presented a unique visual effect. And ingenious space atmosphere.

waiting area seating,waiting seating
In addition to meeting the basic needs, the chair also needs to meet the overall planning of the space, the three principles of no waste, no obstruction, and multi-function, so as to bring comfortable and comfortable services to people who come and go.
No waste
According to the overall plan of the public space, arrange the appropriate number of chairs to help the space arrange a leisurely spot, without wasting the leisure area set up in the public space

waiting area seating,waiting seating
Not hinder
While satisfying the spatial planning, pay attention to whether the area is obstructing the sales of merchants and the free activities of merchants.
In order to satisfy people in the process of waiting, get a comfortable experience, the function of the chair configuration is very important, such as shelf, armrest, charging device, etc.

waiting area seating,waiting seating

waiting area seating,waiting seating
waiting area seating,waiting seating


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