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Common problems and solutions for airport seating

Author: OSHUJIAN PUBLIC SEAT | Time: 2021-08-05 16:09

Common problems and solutions for airport seating
Airport seating is a tool for crowd public activities. It is the material basis for determining the function of public space and an important factor in expressing the form of public space. In modern society, the design and research of public chairs such as Airport seating, auditorium chairs, theater chairs, desks and row chairs have attracted more and more attention and attention from people. The impact is more urgent. A new environment and public seat design concept based on the overall environment system.
The design of Airport seating has the following characteristics according to different spatial functions and social activities:
Professionalism: Some specific public spaces require seats, and due to the functional requirements of specific spaces, each part of Airport seating has special requirements. The furniture design of airplanes, automobiles, ships, etc. is a high-tech furniture type in furniture design. The design of aviation seats has become a multi-disciplinary and complex system engineering design, which requires the formulation of special conditions such as cost and comfort in many aspects, and strict aviation safety regulations, which demonstrates the strong professionalism of public seats. For example, auditorium chairs, theater chairs, etc. originally only played the basic function of furniture—the role of seating, but in order to create a better space, colors, textures, volumes, shapes, contours and materials are necessary. The connotation directly reflects the image of the space, and works with other elements to create the atmosphere of the public space environment.
Privacy and interaction coexist: This is due to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, requiring everyone in the industry to take every challenge seriously. More comfort and luxury means higher profit margins and greater interactivity, and good communication means quality and spiritual enjoyment.
Fewer types: Due to the propaganda and communication characteristics of Airport seating, they must conform to the aesthetics of most people and adapt to more people on the basis of basic functions. Therefore, to a certain extent, its function, form and material color, texture and connotation have a certain degree of fixed mode restrictions.
Large number: Because it is suitable for public activities, it is inevitable that some people need to use it, so it is usually not a single piece or a group of furniture, but a row or several groups. Due to the large number of appearances and the participation of Airport seating, the space has flesh and blood, which determines The order of space enriches the connotation of space.

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As we all know, the commonly used public seats are roughly divided into several categories: Airport seating, station waiting chairs, hospital waiting chairs, bank waiting chairs, park benches, etc. Because they all have the same nature of public seats, people will encounter some problems, but how to solve them?
1. Large area, difficult to install and transport
Airport seating are mainly stored in waiting spaces in airports, stations, banks, and hospitals. The space is very large. After the seating design of the seats and the demand of the venue, there will be no obstacles to the passage. According to the current logistics and transportation The conditions are very convenient compared to the early days. And the installation is very simple, just install it according to the drawing.
2. It is not beautiful and does not match the surrounding environment
In general, this situation does not happen, because each project and project has undergone multiple audits, bidding, and urban planning and design only need to select the product.
3. The bench seat makes it a bit awkward for two strangers to sit too close, and sitting too far wastes the chair surface;
The general Airport seating demand is mostly three people. Benches with more than six seats are rarely used. They are all placed in public places and people come and go without embarrassment.
4.  It is difficult for Airport seating in the park to be sun-proof, rain-proof, and dust-proof. As long as they are anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, and have a long service life, they are already good.
5. In addition, the design of many public Airport seating nowadays is more or less inconsistent with ergonomics;Such a situation will only occur in small manufacturers with poor technology.
6. The design of Airport seating cannot better meet people's needs
Airport seating are public places with a large flow of people, such as tens of thousands of people a day at the peak of a station, and even hundreds of thousands. Therefore, the design of Airport seating can only meet the needs of most people, not everyone.
7.The durability of Airport seating is not strong
The durability is not strong, but the manufacturer chooses inferior materials, and the powerful manufacturers will choose good materials. Different processing methods will affect its durability.
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