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How to purchase and repair public seats?

2020-04-20 10:08:23
Public seats are used in specific public places to provide people with public furniture for rest and entertainment. In public places, it not only brings convenience to people on the road, but also provides a beautiful choice for the public environment. When we buy public seats, how should we buy them? When using public seats, maintenance problems arise, how should we deal with them?
Purchase of public seats
1. Pay attention to check the firmness of the public seats. Check whether the parts at the connecting parts are firm and flexible. When purchasing, you can sit down and feel for yourself.
2. Public seats are used in public places. Many people sit down and rest every day, and dust in the air will also be deposited. .
3. The materials for making public seats are various. When purchasing public seats, the characteristics of each material need to be considered.
4. The height, width, depth and angle of the armrest of the seat should be reasonable. The seat is a device for people to rest. The comfort is very important, and the design of public seats, including armrests, seat height, etc., are required. Meet the needs of different groups of people.
Repair of public seats
Before we know how to repair a public seat, we must first understand whether the seat accessories and their quantity are sufficient or accurate. Among them, the main accessories of public seats are: armrests, armrest fasteners, standing angles, seat panels, back panels, brackets, seats, beams, and hexagonal screws and nuts. When purchasing a seat, make a clear inventory of these accessories so that you will not have to replenish them during installation.
Subsequently, in the process of using public seats, we must regularly check the use of the seats. If problems are found, they must be repaired in time. Repairing the seat requires proper treatment. Generally speaking, the seat has basic accessories, such as seat plates, armrests and feet, and bottom beams. Prepare the corresponding repair accessories in time, remove them and replace them. If the damage is too serious, it is best to contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

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