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Which is better, aluminum alloy row chairs or stainless steel row chairs?

2020-04-23 11:24:50
In the market, people often compare aluminum alloy row chairs with stainless steel row chairs. Why? Because they are similar in appearance, it is always impossible to distinguish which is the aluminum alloy row chair and which is the stainless steel row chair.
So which one is better, aluminum alloy row chair or stainless steel row chair? In fact, aluminum alloy row chairs and stainless steel row chairs have their own advantages. First of all, we have to know the properties of aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
Aluminum alloy is a combination of aluminum and other types of metals. Because the material made of pure aluminum has very low hardness and strength, it is easily deformed and cannot meet the needs of public row chairs. In order to enhance the strength of the pure aluminum material, we will use aluminum as the basic material, and then incorporate a variety of other non-ferrous metals into it to produce aluminum alloy.
According to the production and processing method of aluminum alloy, we can directly polish the aluminum alloy after die-casting molding, electrostatic powder spraying treatment, so that aluminum alloy becomes a row chair, and can withstand the test of wind, rain and sunshine, durable and strong, not easy to deform .
Stainless steel is a kind of material, with a brightness close to the mirror surface, and a hard and cold touch. It is a relatively avant-garde decorative material. It has excellent corrosion resistance, formability, compatibility, and toughness. It is used in heavy industry, light industry, In the daily necessities industry and building decoration industry.
We can also stamp, weld, shape, polish and polish the stainless steel according to the production and processing methods of stainless steel. After degreasing and derusting, electrostatic powder spraying and oil spraying are performed. Its formed stainless steel row chair is environmentally friendly, not easy to wear, durable and not rusty.
Aluminum alloy is durable, but the seal is not as good as stainless steel; stainless steel is not very durable, but beautiful; aluminum alloy is lighter, stainless steel is heavier, etc. In fact, neither is better. Before buying a row chair, you can choose according to your own The actual situation and the budget, a practical comparison of the two, or consulting professionals for advice, is the correct approach.

Which is better, aluminum alloy row chairs or stainless steel row chairs?(图1)

Which is better, aluminum alloy row chairs or stainless steel row chairs?(图2)