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What should be paid attention to when designing public row chairs?

2020-05-14 09:20:56
The recliner is an imitation of this warm embrace of life. Nowadays, comfort and considerateness have become a new development direction of public furniture. The so-called public furniture is a response to the humane appeal of warmth and love, and the main body of public furniture is a recliner. The extreme comfort shown by the recliner is like a tender embrace given by the parents to the child. From the design and shape of the recliner, we can realize that its center and focus are: embodying the product's meticulous care for people, allowing the product to actively adapt to people, and not to adapt to products.
When the user sits down, the chair will make corresponding adjustments to suit the user, which has reached the best combination of person and chair. The skeleton and shell of the chair are made of stainless steel, the panel is made of soft PU, and the outer surface is a cloth jacket for easy cleaning. The backrest adopts a design suitable for the curve of the back of the human body. The beautiful shape and reasonable functional structure make people lie on it as comfortable as in the clouds, just want to sleep sweetly.
The local shape and size of the chair have a great influence on the use, such as: it determines the height of the backrest and armrests. Considering the anatomical characteristics of the human body, the hip muscles of the human body are thick and solid, and it is one of the most pressure-resistant parts of the human body. Therefore, a suitable seat should be designed so that the center of gravity of the upper body falls on the bones of the hip.
(1) The sitting surface is too high The sitting surface is too high so that the legs are suspended, not only the leg muscles are compressed, but also the upper leg, lower leg and back muscles are in a stretched state, and they will fatigue after a short time.
(2) The sitting surface is too low. When the sitting surface is too low to the knee angle or less than 90 °, the body pressure is too concentrated. The compression of the abdominal muscles cannot guarantee the proper state of the waist corpus vertebrae. It pulls the back muscles and increases The load time of the back muscles can cause pain and discomfort and fatigue.
(3) The width of the sitting surface refers to the frontal length of the sitting surface. The width of the sitting surface is too narrow. Except for feelings of improper use, the muscles on both sides of the body will feel squeezed; the width of the sitting surface is too wide , The two arms will inevitably extend outward, so that the tendon tissue such as the latissimus dorsi and the deltoid muscle of the shoulder are stretched. Both are prone to fatigue.
(4) The length of the backrest has a large dynamic range of movement, and the backrest can be omitted; static work and dynamic rest are suitable to obtain corresponding support without hindering work and activities. The height of the backrest can gradually increase from the lower first and second lumbar vertebrae It can reach up to shoulder blades and neck; static rest can require the length of the backrest to support the head.

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