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What is the scope of application of public seats?

2020-05-25 10:11:41
The scope of application of public seats is very wide, such as high-speed rail stations, airports, bus stations, hospitals, schools, parks, churches, movie theaters and other public areas will be used. Public seats can bring great convenience to people's rest and use. It is very rich in types, such as PU, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, solid wood, etc. The use place and characteristics of each material are different .
When we buy public seats, we need to consider all aspects comprehensively and choose some durable and stable chairs. At the same time, it is also necessary to compare the functional characteristics of each material, such as the foot of the chair, the armrest, the chair surface, etc., which have a very important relationship with the quality of the chair.
1. PU seat is a public seat made of a new material with good breathability and comfort. The novel shape allows passengers to break the impression of traditional seats and become a popular public seat in the market today. one. It is recommended to install PU seats in large high-speed rail stations and airports.
2. The leather cushion seat is based on the addition of comfortable leather cushion leather trim on the aluminum alloy seat. Its comfort and beauty are no less than that of the PU seat. The practicality and stability can also meet the needs of passengers and become a public area. darling. It is recommended to install leather cushion seats at high-speed rail stations, airports, and hospitals.
3. Stainless steel seats / aluminum alloy seats are traditional but enduring public seats. Even the ordinary appearance is still irresistible. Their durability is in line with economic development and demand. It can be seen in multiple public areas. It is recommended to install stainless steel seats / aluminum alloy seats in high-speed rail stations, bus stations, and hospitals.
Numerous cases of public seats have successfully proved that after a city has public seats, the impression of passing passengers on the city itself is greatly improved, the city has expanded, and the value of the city has soared. Public seats have become a symbol and symbol of a city's internationalization.

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