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How to repair wood and paint for the classroom seats?

2020-07-07 09:55:44
In the process of using the ladder classroom seats, problems such as material damage, discoloration and scratches are inevitable. The beauty of the ladder classroom seats is a form of maintenance and repair classification of the ladder classroom seats, which mainly includes wood repair and paint repair, leather repair and renovation, marble Splice to sew. Stepped classroom seats are used for school auditoriums, multimedia classrooms, and movie theaters. Most of the classroom chairs are composed of four parts: chair seat, chair back, armrest and standing leg.
The following describes the operation control method of repairing wood and repairing paint:
The maintenance of the ladder classroom seats is smooth and smooth, and cannot be deformed. The maintenance office is toned and colored. According to the observation, the seats in the classroom must distinguish between paint color, mixed color, two-layer color and three-layer color, and then deal with it accordingly. The gloss treatment must be based on the bright matte, polished, polished, polished water, etc. of the classroom seats. The auxiliary materials can be wax and abrasive.
First pour 502 glue on the place to be filled. Fill up with the wood chips and fill in the parts that need to be filled, pour 502 glue, and let it dry. Then use a file to trim the protrusions or extra parts to restore them to their original shape. Sanding, sanding, pouring 502 glue repeatedly, with a shovel or sanding, make the filling part absolutely smooth. Repeat the process again until it is completely flat.
Identify the paint colors of the classroom seats:
The mixed color is a combination of three colors in a common balance to complement and coexist in a saturated state. This color is the easiest to color. The double-layer color means that the background color and the surface color give a clear distinction between the visual perception and clarity. These must be applied to the background color. After the color is balanced, protect the paint surface with bright water, then apply the color, and then do the gloss treatment. The three-layer color means that the base color is any color, the middle layer is any color pattern or speckle, and the complexion is pure. The color is clear, and there is a vague reverse color. Finally, according to the complexion of the seats in the classroom, drag the complexion with water that has been diluted with water. Last glazing protection.

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