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How does the design of airport public seats attract people's attention?

2020-09-05 10:10:39
There are many characteristics in public places, and the most fundamental reason is that there are too many people, such as parks, shopping malls, airports, high-speed rail stations, etc. A lot of etiquette needs to be paid attention to and taking into account the problem of crowd use, the design of public seats needs more Exquisite, this is completely different from our usual furniture and office design, such as airport public seating design.
The creative airport public seat design interprets what is suitable for public use in the airport. The formal creative design of these public seats gives us a convenient life outside.
Airport public seats are multi-functional public seats, which are special chairs for business travelers. Therefore, in design, in addition to focusing on the comfort of the seats, multi-functional public seats can also be designed according to needs.
This is a multi-functional public seat designed to improve the comfort of passengers waiting at the airport. The basic module of this new type of public seat is based on PU leather cushions, which are connected by precision-cast beams. The seat surrounds the wireless charging board to form a special hexagonal shape. Passengers can sit on this public seat. Rest, work or play. First of all, the USB and socket can be hidden in the connecting shaft of the two seats, which is convenient for passengers to charge. Secondly, the wireless charging pad can also be used as a small desk. Passengers can flexibly adjust the state of these configurations according to their needs. Whether it is sitting and drinking coffee or carrying a laptop for temporary work, it will be comfortable and convenient.
The creative design of airport public seats can not only make public places different, but also allow passengers to experience different waiting times, and have different experiences at different times and moods. It is a public seat design. What the teacher envisioned for travelers.

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