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What are the types of public seats?

2020-09-15 09:43:38
With the acceleration of urbanization, people's space for activities is decreasing. Therefore, it is very important to provide people with some resting spaces in public places such as urban residential areas, commercial areas, public activities areas, and tourist areas. Public chairs are a very common outdoor furniture, which allows people to have some more private spaces for some special activities, such as rest, snacks, reading, nap, knitting, chess, sunbathing, watching people, talking and so on. So, what types of public seats are there?
1. Public row chairs, as the name suggests, are chairs used in public places (such as hospital waiting area, bank business hall waiting area, etc.). They are generally connected in one piece design and placed in rows. It is practical and easy to clean.
2. Airport chairs. Types of airport chairs: Classified by material: aluminum alloy airport chairs, stainless steel airport chairs, iron airport chairs, recheck materials airport chairs, plus leather airport chairs, wooden airport chairs, etc.; according to style classification: back-to-back airport chairs, single seat Airport chairs, multi-person airport chairs, airport chairs with armrests, airport chairs without armrests, etc.
3. Auditorium chairs are mostly composed of four parts: seat, back, armrests and standing legs. It is suitable for theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls and other places. It should have a good line of sight during meetings and performances. The seat should be easy to repair and clean, and it should be comfortable when used and not easy to fatigue.
4. Training chairs, chairs that are convenient for training in all kinds of places, including conference chairs, news chairs, dictation chairs, training chairs, etc.
With the acceleration of the urban construction process, more and more outdoor furniture is laid. While it is convenient for people to go out and relax, we also need to improve our own quality and cherish these public facilities.

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