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Will these airport chairs be what you see at the airport?

2020-09-26 23:04:25
When I was waiting or transferring at international airports in various countries, I didn't like to visit the duty-free shops, but I liked to go around and ponder other people's chairs secretly. Seeing that the seats are equipped with fixed armrests to prevent people from lying down; seeing that there are no seats near the charging sockets, and passengers are standing or squatting to charge; looking through the entire waiting room, there is no reclining chair; seeing someone exhausted , Sleeping on the ground; children playing on the ground; no matter how magnificent the airport is, I don’t take it seriously, and I still mutter in my heart: "What era is this, how can international airports be like this?"
The airport is an important transportation hub connecting cities and cities, and between countries, so the setting of the airport is also particularly important. The airport chair is an important embodiment of the humanization of an airport.
In the waiting room, the placement of airport chairs needs to match the various configurations of the airport, not where they are empty. In the same terminal building, various airport chairs of different styles can be placed in an orderly manner for use by all kinds of people. For example, there are lounge chairs in the corners of the waiting room, which can be used by people who are tired and waiting for boarding, and can let them get adequate rest during the waiting time; or on the side of the main aisle between the boarding gates. Multi-seat airport chairs connected to allow more people to sit comfortably; even airport chairs can be set up next to the boarding entrance with dedicated seats for the disabled, elderly and pregnant women who are queuing to check in. And prepared.
In addition to the basic sitting functions, airport chairs can also be equipped with various functions, such as adding wireless charging boards, wired sockets, luggage boards, armrests, etc., in order to meet people’s daily needs and chase people’s psychological and Physiological needs can make people feel the difference and ulterior motives of the airport, making them more at home.