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The advantage of using stainless steel to make public seating

2020-10-26 15:19:37
Steel public seats generally refer to stainless steel public seats, generally using selected high-quality cold-rolled steel. Why use stainless steel to make public seats? In addition to being durable and not easy to deform, there are also unexpected advantages. Let's have a look:
1、 Each set of products is composed of base plate, cross beam and armrest foot, equipped with screws and small spanner, easy to install
2、 The overall shape is simple, glossiness is good, the color of the base plate is optional, which is durable and easy to clean
3、 The surface of the chair is pressed by a large machine, and the surface is smooth and smooth without barbs
4、 The edge strip is polished after classic spraying, which can not only ensure the beauty, but also support the overweight weight without deformation
5、 The chair bracket is a connector, which is located under the chair board and is the biggest factor of bearing load
6、 The handrail foot is made of cold rolled steel, polished, derusting and electroplating, with good gloss, stability and durability
In the installation, you should first read the installation instructions, understand the basic structure of the seat, and then start the installation. And clear the installation principle, first use the screw to connect the support and the beam, do not need to tighten immediately, after all the seat plates are in place, then tighten and fix the screws one by one.

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