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What are the classification of laboratory bench?

2020-10-28 09:00:33
The common laboratory bench has the following materials:
1. FRP test bench
2. Pu test bench
3. Anti static test bench
4. ABS Test Bench
5. Stainless steel test bench
The material differences and applicable functional areas of the test bench are as follows:
1. The test bench made of glass fiber reinforced plastic has the widest range of application. Its main performance is acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in various laboratories and functional areas. The design of pneumatic upgrade universal wheel is often used, which is convenient, durable and beautiful
2. Pu test bench is often used in the laboratory with less acid-base environment and various office environment. It is characterized by comfort and convenience, but the stool surface is easy to crack and airtight, and it is sultry in summer
3. Anti static test bench, generally used in physical laboratory, is a safe and convenient choice for the laboratory with strict anti-static requirements. It has no acid and alkali resistance and is expensive
4. ABS test bench, commonly used in schools, especially in primary and secondary schools, has a high aesthetic appearance, is resistant to falling and is not fragile and light
5. Stainless steel test bench, especially 304 / 316 test bench, is difficult to manufacture. It is suitable for the laboratory with high acid and alkali, or clean area. High quality stainless steel material can effectively prevent pollution in the clean area, and will not produce bacteria, so as to avoid affecting the environment in the clean area from affecting the experimental results, but the cost is very high!
The above are several common experimental benches, you can choose the right products according to your own needs.

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