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Problems that need to be emphasized in hospital furniture design

2020-12-14 15:17:25
At present, the construction of hospitals is a concern that not only requires beauty and practicality, but also meets the requirements of safety and efficiency. Therefore, how to create a high-quality hospital environment is very important, and the configuration of hospital furniture is indispensable to create a hospital environment. What are the issues that need to be addressed in the design of hospital furniture?
1. People-oriented: Because the use of hospital furniture is mainly to bring comfort and convenience to users, it is necessary to consider whether the design of hospital furniture conforms to ergonomic design when designing hospital furniture. This is a key point that needs to be considered when designing hospital furniture , To ensure that the use of hospital furniture needs of doctors and patients are met.
2. Durable: Because hospital furniture is not a consumable, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is durable enough when designing hospital furniture. This is also a key issue, and the design of hospital furniture must also consider its Whether the material has the characteristics of easy cleaning, it is also more conducive to maintenance during use, and it can also bring certain benefits to extending the service life of hospital furniture.
3. Safety and environmental protection: Since the people who use hospital furniture are quite special, the design of hospital furniture must pay attention to whether its material structure is safe and environmentally friendly, so as to avoid secondary injuries to patients and medical staff when using hospital furniture. Unnecessary safety hazards are sometimes caused. These are issues that require special attention. Therefore, when designing hospital furniture, we must ensure that its materials are safe and environmentally friendly and the structure is firm and stable.

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