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About the core design concept of public seats

2020-12-16 10:32:31
As far as the design concept of public seats is concerned, the editor thinks that it involves certain design concepts or some skillful manipulation on the computer, or that there is a very good basic art painting or architectural knowledge. The ability to work with drawings, after all, is for a prosperous commodity or a good. Before it is manufactured, it must be calculated through continuous scientific research and discussion on engineering drawings. It is designed and conceived and can only be used in the whole process of practical production.
In the process, such a design concept was strictly implemented, and then such a product was developed to the extreme. Therefore, if it is for some of the more novel public seats, then its design concept is most likely to have a high level of novelty or independent innovation, and it can only be used in the entire manufacturing process. The strict implementation of such a regulation will make everyone more convinced that this public seat is very harmonious.
As far as the core concept of a very qualified public seat design is concerned, it usually must be integrated with many levels of elements to calculate such a basis, and when conceiving such a design concept, you must The elements or reasons that will appear at all levels must be taken into consideration. Since every interior designer or other person does not fully consider everyone’s thoughts, after all, 10,000 In the hearts of the people, it is unique and unique.
Therefore, the editor feels that the core concept of public seat design usually involves certain items in various fields. From my own point of view, the regulations on the level of fine art painting will be higher. Well, because for this kind of product, if you are willing to obtain a product with a very brand image, then you must first create an abstract block on paper or on a computer, and further correct it. After this kind of abstract block changes, the engineering drawing of a product will be obtained. After that, if the engineering drawing of this product is continuously discussed and found to be very effective, then such an engineering drawing will be given. In the hands of the manufacturer, let them start manufacturing public seats in accordance with such an engineering drawing.

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