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Can PU waiting chairs be used in open spaces for a long time?

2020-12-25 11:23:47
The raw material of the waiting chair is polyurethane. Although polyurethane row chairs are resistant to high temperatures, long-term exposure to the sun will also accelerate their aging, and the hardware components of the row chairs will also oxidize. Therefore, waiting chairs, row chairs, bar chairs, dining chairs, office chairs and other series products using polyurethane seat cushions are not suitable for outdoor use under long-term sun exposure, which will shorten their service life.
All outdoor stadiums, including football stadiums, are semi-open venues, which are different from large indoor stadiums. Therefore, the seats of outdoor stadiums are mostly made of polypropylene and other plastic PP seats, which are hard to sit and feel. The comfort level is quite different. A sporting event usually lasts 2-3 hours, and an international event even lasts 6-8 hours. Spectators need higher comfort, which promotes the wide application of polyurethane seats in indoor stadiums. As my country's national finance increases its investment in the national sports industry, public indoor stadiums are gradually popularizing polyurethane seats to improve the quality of stadiums in line with international standards.
The waiting chair is eroded by the sun and rain for a long time, so maintenance is very important. If the flower is not manually maintained, it will be damaged very quickly.
Let's learn how to maintain outdoor furniture with everyone.
1. To protect outdoor furniture, if it is a wooden waiting chair or lounge chair, be sure to spray mothproof products on the seat regularly. To prevent borers and beetles, you can also put some peppercorns to prevent rats.
2. Outdoor furniture, especially public waiting chairs, should be placed in the center when they are placed. They should be placed stably to ensure the safety of the seats to the limit and avoid damaging the furniture structure. The waiting chairs are generally connected by welding and bolts, if they are often swaying. The unstable state will loosen the fasteners over time, posing safety hazards, causing local cracking, and also affecting the life of the waiting chair. Therefore, if the floor is uneven, the furniture legs must be firmly padded, especially when placing stainless steel waiting chairs, it is more necessary to make the furniture legs receive a stable force.

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