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Airport terminal seats

2022-01-07 11:11:12
Author: public seats

Nowadays, our lives are full of all kinds of public seats, whether in public places such as stations, high-speed rail stations, airports, hospitals, etc., there is no shortage of public seats. With the development, the public seat has been upgraded from an ordinary wooden seat to a PU public seat, and the road to upgrade is long.

Among them, PU public seats can enter the eyes of the public as contemporary new material seats, and they have been evolving, presenting them in a charming posture, and finally found that they are returning to the basics and upgrading on the basis of public seats.

1. The same PU public seat, different aesthetics, meets the ergonomic system

As a public seat, in order to better serve the masses and meet the ergonomic system, it not only enhances the aesthetics of the appearance of public seats, but also designs more suitable and satisfying people's sitting postures.

In order to improve the comfort of passengers and the needs of sitting and rest, Oshujian seating has evolved from the original seat back panel with only ordinary curved feeling to an attractive curve feeling. Not only is it better in appearance, but also in terms of ergonomics, it is more considerate and easier to meet the needs of passengers for daily sitting and rest.

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2. Functional upgrade

Oshujian has been focusing on the research and development of public seats for more than 22 years. In addition to comfort and ergonomics, safety and load-bearing capacity have also been upgraded.

In order to give passengers peace of mind during use, on the original basis, the strength of the link between the seat and the seat has been strengthened. The basic four-corner beam has been upgraded to a hexagonal beam, which has better bearing capacity and is safer than the four-corner beam. Carrying more powerful weight will no longer cause obese passengers to worry about insufficient public seat carrying capacity.

In terms of safety, the distance between the seat and the seat is reduced to the minimum to avoid unsafe situations due to the naughty of children or the negligence of adults, so that adults can sit and rest more assured time.

To provide safety protection for passengers, Oshujian seating use special patch panels and wires, which are flame-retardant and fire-resistant. The patch panel is placed between the seats, and the entire circuit is ensured to be closed, not exposed to the outside, and not in contact with any external objects, to avoid the safety hazards of human contact.

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