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What are the advantages of custom public seating?

2022-10-21 17:23:20
Author: public seating

As people's requirements for the public environment are getting higher and higher, people's choice of public seats is also pursuing modernization and personalization. Many public areas prefer to find professional public seating companies or designers to customize the overall public seating design for their own places, so as to reflect the high-end and taste of public areas.

So what are the advantages of public seat customization?

1. Custom style

The customization of public seats can be customized according to the needs of the project or the wishes of customers. According to the actual needs of actual customers, we can customize the style, color and personalized needs of public seats that are satisfactory to customers.

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2. Size problem

Sometimes when choosing a public seat, although it looks beautiful, because the actual situation of each public environment is different, there is often a problem that the size of the public seat does not match the actual environment. At this time, we can only give up the fancy ones. Seat up. However, if we choose to customize public seating, we can control the type, style and size according to the actual public environment, making it suitable for the overall environment, without similar embarrassing situations.

3. Low cost

The public seat customization can control the cost, and the price will be cheaper than some flashy public seats, and it can better meet the actual needs in function.

4. Safety materials

80% of public seat quality is a matter of public seat material. Many informal manufacturers use substandard materials in the production of public seats. There may even be cases where it is significantly out of the norm. Public seating with formaldehyde problems can be said to be very common. When customizing a public seat, you can choose the material independently. When choosing a material, it is suggested that you can choose a suitable and environmentally friendly material according to your needs, then the customized public seat will basically not encounter material problems.