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What are the public seat accessories?

2022-11-10 16:25:10
Author: public seat

When buying public seats, people will habitually only pay attention to the seat itself, but ignore the accessories of the seat. But they have to regret their negligence, why? Because if the seat is damaged during use, the right amount and lack of accessories will cause unnecessary trouble. At the same time, in the process of use, if the accessories can be better used, it will bring more convenience and considerate services to passengers.

Driven by the development of the market, the accessories of public seats are no longer limited to hardware accessories, and there are many accessories that you may not expect. 


1. Handrails and Handrail Fasteners

Armrests are the most common and practical accessories for public seats. Because of the assistance of armrests, public seats have better support capabilities and reduce the source of human pressure on the seats themselves. In the design of seat structure and seat spacing with a full set of armrests, it can meet the requirements of installing armrests at each seat interval, and its material is more common in aluminum alloy.

2. Wired charging socket

Wired charging sockets are accessories that appear in response to market demand and people's quality of life. Nowadays, people carry their mobile phones with them anytime. In order to meet their electricity consumption needs, wired charging is provided on public seats, which not only makes efficient use of space, but also improves passenger satisfaction.


3. Coffee table, luggage board, storage board

The coffee table, luggage board, and storage board are all accessories for the convenience of passengers to place their items, effectively use the space, and allow passengers to wait calmly while waiting, and will not cause any impact on the seats.

4. Wireless charging pad

They provide easy access to power and sign towers while safely concealing all electrical wiring. Installing different configurations is an efficient way to maximize seating without any compromise on comfort, style and traffic flow.

In addition to the above, generally speaking, public seats are generally equipped with brackets, beams, hexagon screws and nuts. When purchasing, in addition to checking the seat plate (leather pad), back plate, etc., it is necessary to check the matching accessories. Check it out and avoid unnecessary trouble.