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What functions should a good office swivel chair have?

2023-07-29 10:50:05
Author: airport chair

Professional research shows that people sit for 12 hours a day and 4380 hours a year. If you don't improve in time, your health will be directly threatened. Subsequently, you will suffer from discomfort caused by cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, fatigue, back pain and pressure, and your health will gradually leave you.


A comfortable office swivel chair can relieve stress, bring you a better sitting feeling, improve spinal pressure, and reduce overall pressure. So, what functions should an office swivel chair have?


1. Free lift headrest

The design of the lifting headrest can fit everyone's height, comfortably protect the cervical spine, and quickly relieve head fatigue, headaches and other discomforts caused by sedentary sitting.


2. Curved chair back

According to the principle of ergonomic design, the comfortable seat back is designed according to the arc of the human spine, which supports the lumbar spine three-dimensionally, bringing a sense of strength and comfort to the human spine.

office swivel chair


3. Fixed healthy backrest

The fixed healthy backrest can provide sufficient support for the back, whether the body is forward or backward, it is enough to maintain the stability of the seat and protect the lumbar joints.


4. High-density rebound cushion

It brings zero pressure sitting feeling, ensures that the buttocks have sufficient sinking depth, and can rebound quickly, breathable and comfortable, and relieve decompression.


In the office environment, using a comfortable office swivel chair can make the work more efficient and make the office staff less prone to fatigue. Of course, in order to improve the sub-healthy physical condition, in addition to the comfortable office swivel chair, you must also pay attention to your own physical exercise and balance work. The pressure is fundamental.