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What are the common problems that should be paid attention to in the design of public row chairs?

2023-08-03 09:00:27
Author: airport chair

Most of the scenes where the public row chairs are placed are the waiting areas of airports, stations, banks, and hospitals, and the common public row chairs include street chairs, park chairs, airport waiting chairs, station waiting chairs, etc. So, among our common rows of chairs, what problems should be paid attention to in their design?


First of all, it is the functionality of public row chairs. Its design needs to better meet people's needs. Public row chairs exist in public places to provide a resting place for tired passers-by. Therefore, the designs of many public row chair manufacturers nowadays are It is more or less ergonomic, allowing passers-by to get more rest.

public row chairs


Secondly, in view of the large space of the public row of chairs, the layout of the public row of chairs is also a factor worthy of attention when addressing the needs of the venue. It is a bit embarrassing for two strangers to sit too close to each other in public row chairs, and it is a waste of seats to sit too far away; the common public seat demand is three people, which can better avoid embarrassing situations.


 Finally, in parks, airports, stations, hospitals and other places with high traffic, the frequency of use is high, and they are exposed to public spaces for a long time. Therefore, the materials used in the design of public row chairs should be durable and corrosion-resistant, so that the service life can be guaranteed. longer. If it is in a scene such as a park, try to use materials that can prevent sun, rain, and explosion.