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What types of public seats are there in the new city?

2024-04-07 11:17:40
Author: airport chair

New city public seats are generally made of selected high-quality cold-rolled steel, which is mechanized and stamped to make them not easy to loosen and durable. Its armrests and legs are made of carefully selected materials. They are made of cold-rolled steel plates and are cold-formed through a large precision pressing mold. They are smooth and comfortable when you put your hands on them. In details, it adopts semi-encircled thickened support, which is stronger and more durable than ordinary seats. Others also have cast aluminum and cast iron legs, which are also molded, making them more convenient and considerate to use.


The seat back panels of these chairs are made of high-quality materials as a whole, and the back panels adopt a large bracket-less seat support structure, making installation easy and quick. The handrails are made of stainless steel or cast aluminum, with large precision casting molds. They are polished directly after die-casting and electrostatic powder spraying to make their appearance sparkling and translucent. The beam under the chair is made of high-strength and high-quality cold-rolled steel pipes, which has strong load-bearing capacity. 

public seats

These simple seats feature a unique curved and streamlined design that is highly breathable and beautiful in appearance. In terms of load-bearing, it uses special triangular steel pipes, hexagonal steel pipes, etc., combined with tapered pipe technology, with scientific design and solid structure. The entire row of chairs is made of first-grade materials, which are corrosion-resistant and anti-aging. Leather upholstery can also be configured to optimize seat comfort. These chairs adopt a streamlined arc-shaped backrest design that fits the waist, has no sharp edges, and is safe and comfortable. The bottom adopts thickened beams, which has strong bearing capacity and is sturdy and durable. In details, the seat plate has a certain curvature to fit the curve of the human body's sitting posture; wear-resistant foot pads are added to the chair legs to avoid damaging the ground.


New city public seats can reflect the appearance and culture of a city, can be integrated into local folk customs to create a unique appearance, and can enhance the city's sense of superiority and innovation.