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What material is good for trash cans in public spaces and how should they be placed?

2024-04-19 09:01:09
Author: airport chair

The trash cans used in public places, open-air environments, or indoor spaces must be made of materials that can withstand the sun and rain, and their placement must be convenient for park visitors. So what should you choose? How good is the material? How to place it?


1. What material to choose?


1. Metal material


Metal materials are also common outdoors, mainly made of steel plates, stainless steel, cast aluminum and other materials. They are highly durable and can be recycled after damage. For public spaces that are exposed to air, water vapor, acids, alkalis, and chemicals, It is very suitable for public places with high corrosion, and its aesthetics are also very good.


2. Wooden


The most distinctive thing in public spaces is wood, which has the best coordination with the public space environment. Usually the barrel body is designed with wooden strips, which has a very good appearance. Generally, materials such as wooden strips, pure wood, anticorrosive wood, and steel wood can be used, among which steel wood is the most durable.

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2. How to place trash cans in public spaces?


The characteristic of public space is that there are many tourists and a large amount of garbage, so the placement of trash cans is very important. It should be easy to clean up the garbage, beautify the public space, and make it convenient for tourists to put garbage. Therefore, it should be placed in places where people gather, such as under big trees, around seats, at intersections of garden roads, etc.


The number of trash cans in public spaces should also be set reasonably, and their placement should be reasonably spaced. It is best to place some every 50 meters away, where they can be seen by tourists and not far away from walking distance. The styles should not be diverse, but should be unified, so that they can blend in with the public space scenery and make it easier for tourists to find.


The above is an introduction to what materials to choose and how to place trash cans in public spaces. In fact, it is best to choose a design that combines steel and wooden strips, which is durable and unsightly. The inner liner can be made of galvanized thin iron sheets. , easy to clean and long service life.